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Loveland Social Security Disability Attorney
Loveland Social Security Disability Attorney
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Disability Terms & Definitions

Get the Information You Need from a Loveland SSD Lawyer

The Social Security Disability system can be extremely confusing if you have never had to apply for disability benefits in the past. A Loveland Social Security Disability attorney can help you understand the process of applying for disability benefits and what the various terms and phrases mean. Below is a list of common SSD terms and phrases:

ALJ: Administrative law judge. This is a person who reviews SSD claims after they have been denied.

ALJ hearings: Similar to a court hearing, this is a mini-trial where you can present evidence and argue your case in front of an ALJ.

Appeals Council: If your claim was denied in an ALJ hearing, you can appeal it to the Appeals Council, who will possibly review your case again.

Dire need: A circumstance wherein your are unable to pay your mortgage, rent, utilities or other living expenses without your disability benefits, or you need serious medical treatments but, again, cannot afford them without your disability benefits. Having a dire need circumstance may expedite your SSD claim.

Federal Court appeals: If your case was denied in all levels of consideration, you may seek legal civil action in federal court to try to get your benefits approved.

Initial determination: The first phase of the SSD process. If you are approved for benefits at this stage, you will be receiving your benefits soon. If not, your case will go to the next phase, reconsideration.

Reconsideration: if your claim was denied in the initial determination stage, it will automatically be reviewed again in the reconsideration phase.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI): SSI is another benefit program, like SSD, but with smaller financial support.

Social Security Disability Attorney in Loveland

It can be exceptionally confusing and difficult to apply for SSD and just understanding the various terms can add to the confusion. At the Busch Law Offices we are de dicated to helping our clients seek their SSD benefits, and we are experienced and very familiar with every aspect of the SSD claims process. We can help you file your claim, make your appeals, and file a dire needs letter if necessary. With over 30 years of combined experience in SSD and workers' compensation, we are here to help the injured or disabled worker seek the benefits they deserve.

Contact a Loveland Social Security Disability lawyer from our firm today if you need more information about SSD.

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