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Loveland Social Security Disability Attorney
Loveland Social Security Disability Attorney
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Reconsideration in the Social Security Disability Insurance Process

What is reconsideration?

The application for Social Security disability insurance benefits is often denied on the initial determination. When this happens, the applicant has three more chances in which to appeal. The entire SSD process can drag out for years, and we strongly recommend that you meet with a Loveland Social Security disability lawyer from our offices at the start, before you file your initial application. If you have already applied and been denied, take advantage of our offer of a free consultation. With our experience in this particular area of the law, we know what is being looked for on these applications. We know what can be the underlying situation that led to a denial. We have seen many claims denied initially and then granted on appeal so we have been able to evaluate what information is essential to present to those reviewing your claim.

When you receive a letter of denial of your application, you will have 60 days in which to make a request for reconsideration. Essentially, this is the same process as the first step. Your claim will be reviewed exactly as it was originally submitted, but by someone within the Social Security Administration who did not participate in the initial determination.

Social Security Disability Attorney in Loveland

In order to apply for reconsideration, there are two additional forms that must be filled out. In our law practice, we have often seen that the reasons the first claim were denied are the same reasons that reconsideration ends up being denied also. The forms can be quite complex to the inexperienced. The benefit of having one of our disability attorneys to assist you in this process is our familiarity with the forms and the process, our knowledge of what is being looked for and our understanding and compassion for our clients.

Contact a Loveland Social Security disability attorney in our office today to find out how we can help you in the SSD process.

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